Why is your company’s accounting important?

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Part I – Accounting is crucial for all companies, whatever the sector of activity.

The years of experience we have accumulated in this activity demonstrate that, most of the time, particularly in micro and small companies, even in many medium-sized companies, not enough importance is given to accounting services. In practice, the result is a lack of timely useful information that allows the entrepreneur to make informed decisions, whether in the short term or in the medium long term.

We live today in a climate of great economic uncertainty, exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic, probably even more serious than those of the last major financial crisis of 2008-2009, which lasted until 2012-2013. In this context that we all live in, it becomes even more vital, more important, to have quick and reliable access to updated information, for example, your company’s income statement, business margins, gross and net, balance sheet, in detail assets and liabilities and also the analysis of your company’s financial flow.

Your company’s accounting allows you to access data that, when consolidated, constitute the control panel that allows you to identify the factors that are positively or negatively influencing the results, the most favorable or unfavorable performance indicators, essential data for an analysis based on real data and not on assumptions, as this is the only way to verify and correct them.

It is possible, even when financial problems occur, to make informed and timely decisions in order to prevent such problems from getting worse.

The “vital signs” that a reliable and responsible financial accounting offers you, are always decisive to help you reorient the course, taking the right decisions that avoid greater harm, help the recovery or contribute to the consolidation of growth.

Accounting counts and counts a lot for your company.

See the next news for some of the signs you should pay special attention to.