What about bills to pay?

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What about bills to pay?


The human resources you hired are paid every month. It is very important to have a recruitment policy that guarantees good levels of productivity with the resources you truly need to meet the volume of your business.

Salary costs are always inflated by wage taxes and these calculations should always be taken into account. In your monthly payment plan your workers’ compensation is a very important part of your obligations.


In payments to the state, which occur regularly, the most common are listed below:

Social Security, the 11% that it withheld from the salaries of its workers and the 23.75% that the company has to pay, also calculated on the gross salary of its workers, is a monthly obligation.

– Depending on the size of your company, the same happens every month (or quarterly) with the Return VAT to the state – always adopt the maximum that the VAT you received from your customers is not yours, it belongs to the state, and if so, when you pay the VAT to the state, the amount you need will always be available.

– PEC and IRC are also an important part of your company’s obligations and should always be included in your financial commitment plan.


Companies are usually able to negotiate payment terms with their suppliers for the products and services they need to sell to their customers. That is, all companies seek to buy goods and services on credit, agreeing with their suppliers on a deadline for payment.

That is, all companies seek to buy goods and services on credit, agreeing with their suppliers on a deadline for payment. The stronger your company’s financial strength, the more assurance you can give your suppliers that you will be a safe and reliable customer, and the greater the likelihood of success in negotiating good payment terms.

There are companies that, under the illusion of buying with more discounts, significantly increase the amount of “cash” they have on their warehouse shelves, thus remaining too long without being able to be used, causing real suffocation in the cash flow with this policy. Avoid these situations. You must negotiate the best prices, but not at the expense of your supplier making your warehouse the warehouse it doesn’t have.

Investments in Fixed Assets

You must plan the investments you need in Fixed Assets. In the improvement or expansion of its facilities, in office or warehouse equipment, including hardware or software, in vehicles, in other tools, machinery or equipment, among others. Plan these types of investments in advance taking into account the growth of your company. Including the necessary capital to cover the investments in the list of your commitments is a practice that should always be adopted.

These are the main items to pay attention to when managing your company’s cash flow. It is very important to always keep up to date with your company’s financial commitments, ensuring that your company has the financial capacity to meet these commitments, but also contributing to a good reputation and image of your company in the market.

Be proactive, staying focused on your company’s accounts payable is just as important as staying focused on your accounts receivable.