Human Resources

We support our customers managing their people and optimizing the employment relationship, helping clients to comply with all labour obligations

You can count on our services that include the following:

  • Registry of workers;

  • Wages Processing

  • Monthly Remuneration Statement (DMR)

  • Social Security declarations

  • Declarations relating to suspension or termination of the activity of workers

  • Annual declaration (“Relatório único” – ACT)
Human resources in Setúbal and lisbon

We can support you and your company in the Recruitment, Selection and Performance Evaluation of your employees. If these areas are a reason of concern, count on G- Finance to offer you the necessary consultancy based on practice and decades of experience in multiple and varied sectors of activity.

In general, micro, small and many of the medium-sized companies do not have the necessary resources to maintain a dedicated Human Resources department. Therefore, directors and managers play an important role in the recruitment process, training, monitoring and development of the team, retention policies, performance evaluations, management of absences from work, sick leave, among many other tasks.

Human resources are the company´s most valuable resource, essential for its growth and development, but most times the most difficult to manage. Many of the tasks mentioned above end up being ignored due to lack of time for their implementation.

We have the necessary skills to help your company implement a hiring policy suited to your needs, defining desired profiles, selecting candidates, and evaluating them through interviews and also for implementing an internal performance evaluation program for your employees.

The performance evaluation is particularly relevant since after the selection and training it is necessary to follow up evaluating skills in terms of knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, for example, but also evaluate the results and performance of an employee according to the established objectives.
Regardless of the strategy, structure or financial resources, the people in your organization are essential to support its growth and development.

We can help you and your company to improve your employees´s motivation and productivities.