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Billing your customers, communication to AT (Tax Authority), controlling customer balances, management of financial resources and cash flow reports

We have the means and resources to invoice your B2B customers and, when you use your own software program for your company’s invoicing, we make sure the monthly communication to the Tax Authority is done.

We may provide you with creditors and debtors analysis and support you planning payments and chasing after collections. We also provide you with all the information that you need to pay your taxes on time to the authorities.

To ensure effective management of your business it is important to equip yourself with the tools that help you always determine the company’s financial situation. This analysis is essential for the decision-making process, whether in terms of taking cost control measures, take capital investments decisions or make human resources adjustments.

Monitoring the evolution of the cash flow helps to determine with great precision how the company’s financial resources are being managed and used, undoubtedly essential to your company’s financial stability.

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