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Company accounts and Taxes

We transform your data into reliable management information, generating added value for your company.

Transforming your data into useful and reliable information that will support your decision-making process and will help you to implement the actions you need to ensure a successful journey, even if the storm is rough and the challenges are grand – Our focus is always at supporting your business to succeed.

With G-Finance you can have experience and professionalism. We focus on the key areas of your company´s activity aiming at giving you the feedback you need on a timely manner. We know that this is the only way we can support you to act proactively with the most updated information on hand. This is what will make it possible to take the right decisions on time, whether the focus is on growth or stopping setbacks.


  • Analysis of documents and their organization
  • Documents classification and accounting entries
  • Banks, Customers, Suppliers and other third parties
  • VAT calculation, Income Tax and related
  • Social Security reports
  • Corporation tax and other annual obligations such as Model 22
  • IES declarations (Simplified business Information to authorities)
  • Corporate Tax Prepayment (if applicable)
  • Other Fiscal Obligations
  • Cost Center splitting
  • Analytical accounting (where applicable)
  • Analysis of customer business results
  • Organization and reporting
  • Review of Balance sheet, Income statement and Cash Flow (Quarterly or Monthly)
  • Actual vs Budget analysis
  • Budgeting support
  • Balance Sheet analysis
  • Measuring and Managing Cash Inflow and Outflow
  • Detailed ageing analysis (Debtors and Creditors)

In the field of tax consulting, we include analysis and advisory services with relation to the tax rules in force, information on current tax obligations and tax changes resulting from the approved state budgets and support at getting tax incentives. The purpose of these services is to ensure compliance with the tax rules and all tax declaratory obligations of the company as well as to identify situations in which it is possible to maximize tax efficiency.

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Tax obligations

  • Company Tax file according to legal requirements
  • Tax calculation (VAT, IRC, IRS withholdings, Social Security and Stamp)
  • VAT declarations (monthly/quarterly issuance), IRS withholdings (monthly issuance) & Social Security (monthly issuance)
  • Support preparing requests for tax benefits if and when applicable
  • Tax optimization
  • Account´s consolidation